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 TeamViewer Hack

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PostSubject: TeamViewer Hack   Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:11 am

TeamViewer Rat

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TeamViewer Rat is a modification of the original program TeamViewer. How many know the teamviewer get an ID and Password, which are used to enter to the pc. In the moment that a person admitted to the pc, it receives notifications and other, al User alertan that someone who has been connected.

Al execute el archivo que les genera Rat TeamViewer, TeamViewer that extracts and execute, in addition to mentenerlo completely hidden, thanks to a stub that works in parallel to this, and al mostrarse want a window of this program, is automatically hidden. Tambien was necessary to modify the program directly to another of the type of alert (for example, the window that appears in the right-abajo al Conexion a reciver.)

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TeamViewer Hack
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