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 CIA Book of Dirty Tricks !!!

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PostSubject: CIA Book of Dirty Tricks !!!   Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:27 am

Now you can know all the dirty tricks the CIA uses against citizens. Learn how to use common household items and easily obtainable items to get revenge. Everything you need to know about:

Additives, Cheese Fillers, Lawyers
Airlines, Child Abuse, Forgery, License Plates
Animals, CIA Garage Sales ,MA Bell
Apartments, Classified Ads, Gases, Mail
Assassination, Clergy, Graffiti, Mail Drops
Auto Dealers, Coins, Highways, Marriage
Banks, Computers, Hookers, Media
Bikers, Contractors, Hotels, Medical
Books, Credit Cards, Homes, Military
Campuses, Delivery of Consumables
Insurance, Companies, Motion Pictures
Carbide, Dirty Old Men, IRS, Municipal Services
Cars, Drugs, Joggers, Neighborhoods
CB Radios, Environmental, Rapists
Laundromats, Notary Seal, Charity
Explosives, Lawns, Oil Companies
Thomas Jefferson

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CIA Book of Dirty Tricks !!!
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